Automotive excellence, redefined.

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The most storied marques and innovative brands converge at the ultimate automotive showcase, where cars are curated in unique collections, designed to be admired by all ages and every level of enthusiast. Apply now and help us celebrate the story of the automobile.

March 1-2, 2025

Elegance and design meet on the stunning grounds of The Biltmore Hotel for a two-day showfield that celebrates not only the art and engineering of the automobile, but car culture in all its varying forms and the people that fuel it. ModaMiami is proud to exhibit a variety of uniquely curated collections, aimed to inspire generations of car lovers.


100 CLUB
March 2, 2025

A supercar gathering unlike any other, Moda’s 100 Club is comprised of the hottest specced rides—models from old race-liveried-inspired supercars to the hottest hypercars currently in production. This unique one-day-only event celebrates remarkable engineering, rarity, and the thrill of speed. Limited to just 100 cars, this is Miami’s hottest club.